Reusable Short Straw - Silver
Reusable Short Straw - Silver
Reusable Short Straw - Silver
Reusable Short Straw - Silver

Reusable Short Straw - Silver

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The luxurious touch for your cocktails or children's glasses. Short straws are also practical to take with you on the go – in your pocket or bag.

4 x Silver Short straw - 6mm x 14.5cm
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Reusable Bag

The advantage of short straws in silver:

  • Perfect for traditional cocktails, short glasses or children's glasses.
  • AYA&IDA's stainless steel straws are designed to make your drinks look and feel luxurious, and you avoid using disposable straws.
  • Easy to clean and suitable for the dishwasher.
  • Our reusable short straws are perfect for all drinks.
  • If you are a smoothie type, check out our other straws such as AYA&IDA reusable smoothie straws.

Looking for more details?

  • All of our reusable straws are made from food grade stainless steel type 18/8.
  • They have a thickness of 0.6 mm and measure 14.5 cm in length.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • They are reusable and durable.
  • All reusable short straws come with a specially made small cleaning brush so you can easily clean the inside of your straws if you need to.


Why pick our drinking bottle? 
AYA&IDA combines design, functionality and elegance in products that are all associated with a mission. Our purpose as a company is to lighten the planet from the excessive amount of plastic waste that fills landfills all over the world, while making a difference for the people who do not have the same opportunities as we have in Denmark. UNICEF estimates that 1,000 children die every day due to lack of clean water! That is why we donate 100 liters of clean water to children in need through UNICEF every time we sell one of our products.
But a bottle with a good purpose MUST also be functional! And our bottle is. It is produced with a unique thermal technology that keeps your drinks perfectly cold or warm all day long. Your drinks will only be in contact with stainless steel, so you never have to worry - even when you have sour or sweet drinks in. It has a large capacity despite its narrow design - and the design of the bottle makes it perfect for the cup holder.
900 times better for the environment?

Tap water is 900 times more environmental friendly than bottled water.
With the AYA&IDA drinking bottle, we want our customers to drink with style while helping the planet breathe. Day by day, we help you reduce your individual CO2 footprint. When a liter of water leaves the tap, only 0.0002 kg of CO2 is emitted. It includes everything from the establishment of waterworks to pumping up and transport in the pipeline network. If, on the other hand, you grab a liter of bottled water in the supermarket, it has an emission of 0.18 kg CO2 - that is 900 times more than tap water.

Why recycle?
Landfills are filled with water bottles. When you use a recyclable water bottle, you help reduce the production of bottled water and thus the disposal and recycling burden of plastic bottles.
When we see bottled water stored on the shelves of supermarkets, we just look at the top of the iceberg. Consider the large process that is needed to make bottled water available in stores. The process goes from producing the plastic bottle to - its filling, transport and storage, all at its disposal, after just a few hours of actual use. Each of these steps requires large amounts of energy and therefore causes pollution.
The AYA&IDA drinking bottle is built to last forever, and to compensate for its own production after only a few refills. Switching to your recyclable drinking bottle will improve your health and burden the planet as little as possible.
Are all AYA&IDA products BPA-free?
Yes! Our bottles and our Food'ie are made of stainless steel for the purpose of NOT containing plastic. And not at all a product that can get worn and leak over time or release harmful and unhealthy substances like BPA and phthalates.
Our lids for Drinking Bottles and Food'ie are therefore made of 100% pure Polypropylene plastic, which does not allow itself to be affected by acids, bases and solvents - and which is known for its long-term durability. Once it has to be recycled, it will make a very fine environmental footprint and it is not considered problematic waste. An advantage of polypropylene is also that it can be used again and again for new purposes. That way the material new life - It is good for the environment and minimizes CO2 emissions.
Why 18/8 stainless steel?
We use only the best when it comes to materials, since both respect for nature and people is our foundation. Stainless steel products are safer than plastic and aluminum, as they can be filled with any type of beverage / food without leaking chemicals.
In order to make our high-quality, long-lasting recyclable products that are both durable and safe, we are therefore dependent on this stainless steel 18/8, which is both sustainable, food-safe and non-reactive. Several drinking bottles have a different type of stainless steel inside than outside and here we have chosen to run the high quality throughout.
So your drinking bottle is also able to last a lifetime - and if not - it is easy to recycle.
Are your bottles filled with plastic liner inside?
Of course not! Our bottles are made of high quality, BPA-free and food grade 18/8 stainless steel, which is naturally safe, not coated: The inside of our bottles need no plastic lining.
Are your products suitable for all beverages and foods?
Definitely! Unlike aluminum, it is stainless steel that we deal with!
It is naturally safely designed and it is ideal for containing and maintaining any kind of food or drink.
Aluminum is not suitable for contact with food and beverages (especially hot and acidic) as it is very toxic. Our products are made of high quality 18/8 stainless steel. Both the Food'i and the drinking bottles can, of course, carry any kind of beverage, hot or cold, acidic or carbonated, over and over again without giving any extra flavor or releasing harmful substances.

How do I clean my AYA&IDA products?
Keeping your AYA&IDA products clean is easy.
None of products, except our straws, are suitable for the dishwasher. Running the drinking bottles and our Food'ie through the dishwasher will ruin their thermal capacity and void the warranty with it. The coating and lid of the drinking bottles are also not suitable for the dishwasher.
We recommend rinsing the drinking bottle with warm water after each use, especially if the bottle is used to store a liquid other than water. For deep cleaning, we suggest using warm water, mild soap and a bottle brush. If you want a more organic alternative, you can use a solution made from vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda - it is just as effective.
Once washed, allow them to dry with the cap and bottleneck down to allow water to drain. This can also be used to just dry the bottle in general.
Can the bottles get scratched?
Each paint we choose to finish our bottles with is made with a durable acrylic resin-based paint, free of lead and other toxic chemicals approved for food use. Because safety comes first.
It also means that the paint can be scratched off if you drop it or scrape it against. Careful use of the bottle will avoid this. If it is dropped, the bottle will probably also get dents, but there is nothing to worry about in terms of its safety: even if you have lost your stainless steel bottle, it will continue to serve you well without you having to be nervous for whether any chemicals or toxins can migrate into your food or drink.
Can condensation form on the outside of the products?
Our products are double-walled, insulated bottles. Therefore, the bottle remains the same on the outside whether it contains something ice cold or hot.
Where are the products produced?
AYA&IDA's stainless steel products are manufactured in China in Zhejiang Province by certified partners who have implemented and maintained quality management system certifications, as well as being a member of BSCI in relation to their working environment, environment and safety.
We choose our partners very carefully and often visit the facilities ourselves. We have an ongoing dialogue and compliance with the industry's high standards of quality, safety, fair labor, ethical business practices and environmental responsibility.
We have entered into agreements that ensure healthy, safe, fair and responsible conditions, just as social and environmental assessments are carried out on an ongoing basis - as well as material and product safety testing. We want to dispel the myth that responsibility and "made in China" are mutually exclusive and we work hard to ensure that we are accountable at every step.
Can I bring my bottle onboard on an airplane?
Yes, of course. As long as it is empty you can bring your bottle onboard.
Can I personalize my bottle with a company logo?
Whether you're organizing an event, impressing your customers or rewarding your employees, AYA&IDA's drinking bottles are the perfect way to showcase your brand. Our bottles can get just the print you want!
Write an email to with your wishes, and we will be ready to help you.
- Minimum order: 30 AYAIDA bottles per. colour
- Delivery: free
- Production time: 2 weeks from approval of artwork (depending on quantity)
Discounts are available for orders over 100 units.
AYAIDA strongly dissociates itself from any form of racism, xenophobia, sexism and religious intolerance. Therefore, we refuse to produce a text that violates our ethical standards.
Personal bottles are covered by the general warranty, but they are not returnable or refundable.
What materials do you use to pack your orders?
At AYA&IDA, we use recycled packaging, so you may receive a box with a little beauty flaw. That it's just because it's preloved. 
At AYA&IDA, we go to great lengths to try to minimize our consumption of packaging and waste in order to protect the environment. So what exactly are we doing? We recycle packaging whenever possible, and we choose packaging made of sustainable materials when we shop ourselves. We use environmentally friendly biofill made from corn granules - completely without plastic and chemicals. Dissolve it in water in a few minutes and use it as fertilizer for your plants.

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Our reusable straws are designed to last a lifetime!


Dishwasher safe


Stainless steel

Danish Design

AYA&IDA is a danish family owned company